Dear readers…(I’m not going anywhere)

Dear readers,

as I’m sure you’ve noticed, this blog has been quiet for a few months now. There have been many changes in my life lately, and this is the main reason behind my silence: I needed to take a break from this blog to give more energy and time to other aspects of my life…BUT, and I’d like to stress BUT, I’m still here, and I do intend to stay.

From the next few weeks, I’ll be back on these pages. I’ll be focusing more on translating and writing editorials and analysis, rather than news articles. This, because I think fellow bloggers from Struggles In Italy have more capacity and energy (i.e. more people!) to do that kind of work. I also would like to work a bit more on my Music and Films sections, which make me slightly sad every time I look at them…;-) So, loads of autumnal propositions, as you can see…I hope you all stick around.

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Mutevolmente vostra,

Italy Calling.


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