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I don’t write on this blog anymore but it you are interested in my thoughts you can still find me on Twitter: @_Partigiana.

I tweet about Italian and European-wide struggles around housing, gender, migration, politics, etc, from a radical libertarian perspective.

Once a Partisan, always a Partisan.


Goodbye, and good luck

Dear readers

thank you for having been with me through the 3 years or so I wrote this blog.

As you might have noticed I haven’t written on it in a while, posting only links to articles on other websites. Despite my best intentions I find myself unable to carry on writing and translating for this blog. The last year has been full of changes and quite precarious work-wise and I haven’t had energy or time to dedicate to my little creature. The way things are going, I am not sure I ever will again.

I have decided to spend the little spare time I have when I’m not desperately looking for a decent job by getting back into doing some activism in my local community. I am a proud member of the Industrial Workers of the World and in 2015 I will focus on creating support groups for European migrant workers in the city where I live. Think globally, act locally, as they say.

This doesn’t mean I have lost interest in what’s going on in Italy and Europe – the opposite. If you are still interested in my thoughts you can still find me on Twitter with a slightly different name: @_Partigiana.

Once a partisan, always a partisan.