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Palermo is a laboratory for the precariat by Jamie Mackay on openDemocracy

March of discontent: lessons in work struggles


March 22 2013: let’s dump the bosses
Logistics workers strike
Block the goods, generalise the struggle, united we win!

The working class is awakening, and the mobilisations of the last few days among the logistics sector workers in Emilia Romagna are the first signs.  Recently, we have seen two different images of work struggles: the Peugeot workers in Paris clashing with the police on one hand; and the sad, resigned-looking picket organised by Fiom outside a Fiat establishment in Italy, on the other hand. Both are fighting for their jobs, but the differences are clearly visible and stimulate many diverse reflections. The French workers’ determination in defense of their rights and dignity has spread to the Italian logistics sector workers’ mobilisation on March 22, and manifested in their determination to defeat the enemy. Workers of different backgrounds and origins, Italians and migrants, have united against the exploitation carried on by the “cooperatives” (employment agencies) owners and the main cooperative, the Coop. Continue reading

The voiceless’ last scream: a sucide a day among the unemployed in Italy

In the last few years many suicides in Italy have been strongly linked to the economic crisis and unemployment. 357 people killed themselves in 2009, compared to the 260 of the previous year: a 37.3% growth. 76% of those people had lost their jobs or couldn’t find one due to the crisis, with a smaller percentage of younger people who were looking for their first job. Continue reading

Why we’re not afraid of the pitchforks

January has been an emotionally intense month for me, and, as a consequence, I haven’t been on my blog a lot, as you might have noticed. Therefore, I haven’t been able to follow “the pitchfork movement” of Sicily, which seems to have been ignored by most mainstream media. Now that I’ve come back to Earth, I thought I’d translate an interesting piece of analysis that I’ve read on the ever excellent site InfoAut. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or you need to refresh your memory a bit, have a look at these articles on Libcom and Struggles in Italy. And here is what the Palermo’s InfoAut crew had to say about it: Continue reading

Spring has sprung

Here I am again, listening to these two “beautiful men” whilst I’m writing. I am sorry I haven’t written in a while, you must think I’m an incredibly lazy blogger…which, to be honest, wouldn’t be completely untrue…:-) The only excuse I can give is that what the British dare call “spring” – a space continuum of grey skies and nearly constant rain – makes me want to hibernate…but anyway, here we are…I thought I’d give you a little summary of what’s been going on in the past few weeks: Continue reading