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24 Grana – Loop

I think the Soul
is something that moves
slower than our thoughts
It fluctuates slowly
and the mind game
makes it distant from the truth

Apart from this, the Word
forever directs its fast programming
to the images that it remembers from time immemorial
I think the Soul
walks as fast as the rhythm
in a very slow sound mixing

I feel elevated by thinking
about the circular movement
of the waves… Continue reading

Ventilazione – Ivano Fossati

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Amara terra mia – Domenico Modugno

Sun in the valley and sun on the hill
In the fields, nobody’s left

Goodbye, goodbye, my love, I am going away
My bitter land, bitter and beautiful Continue reading

Sud – Almamegretta

South, you’re in my heart, yes, you’re the blood inside my veins/ From the South we came and in the South we grew up/ Some people only take, some people never get anything/ What we’ve been through we can’t forget, it’s on our minds every day/ We’re from Naples, we’re from another world, where there’s no good and you start digging the bottom/ Dig more, dig more and you’ll understand why we’re in this mess/ Continue reading