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Inception Berlusconi on YouTube

A group of crazy people have made a short satirical video about Berlusconi based on the American movie Inception…watch it before the “authorities” take it off! It’s here. (This version has English subtitles).

A long, hot, Italian Summer (Part I)

Sooo, the blog has been quiet for a while…The English summer has been so sunny and warm I couldn’t bring myself to stay in the house, I just had to go outside in the streets…(Yes, I am being ironic). Anyway, what’s been going on in the Motherland over the past few months…? “Bad weeds never die” an Italian saying goes. Well, for once it wasn’t true. This summer Francesco Cossiga died. Not much different from a Tampax: he was always there when the bloodbaths happened, he’s been described by a blogger. Continue reading