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Italy pays, Libya deports and tortures

Another “success” in the “war on illegal migrants”: Against all international Conventions the Italian government keeps refusing refugees from Eritrea and deporting them back to Libya, whose detention centres are notoriously famous for the constant violations of human rights.

On 29 June dozens of Eritrean refugees detained in Misurata were asked to cooperate with the same Eritrean authorities they were fleeing from in order to provide identification. Their refusal was followed by a violent repression at the hands of the police. The refugees were then deported to Libya, their whereabouts unknown. Appeals by the UNHCR and the European Parliament have gone unheard. The Italian government keeps on supporting Gaddafi’s politics against all international conventions and despite the fact that Eritrean refugees, like all refugees, have the right to claim asylum according to the Geneva Convention. Continue reading

Mobilisations against Centres of Identification and Expulsion of Migrants (C.I.E.)

Modena, 19th June

Hundreds of people took part in a demo around the Ghirlandina CIE to demand the closure of CIE’s. The demo was organised by a network of social centres, anarchist and radical groups from all over Italy.

The protest managed to paralyse for at least half day the centre of Modena, and was closely controlled by police and carabinieri forces. Chants and slogans were targeted at the racist party Northern League and, especially, at Daniele Giovanardi. Giovanardi is President of the Catholic organisation “Misericordia” (literally, “mercy”…what a laugh!), which manages the Ghirlandina CIE in Modena. In recent months many CIE’s in Italy have been at the centre of scandals and accusations of violence, beatings and, in some cases, rape against the detainees. Poor food and poor general conditions are the norm. Continue reading