The Italian Carnival of 2013: Articles On The Elections


Viareggio’s Carnival

Here is a collection of articles on the Italian elections from the media and some fellow bloggers. I don’t necessarily share the views expressed in all these articles, but they make for some interesting reads.

From fellow bloggers Struggles in Italy
The defeat of the Left
Is Austerity the real loser?
Translation of Wu Ming’s interview “Beppe Grillo lives on the ruins of the movements”
Translation of Wu Ming’s article “Grillo’s Movement has been defending the system”

From fellow blogger Being Inquisitive
The Italian Political Show
Italy: the country of Sleeping Beauties

From Through Europe
Beppe Grillo’s Children’s Crusade – a brief examination of the first millenarian mass-movement of 21st century Europe

From the Wu Ming‘s Blog
Grillismo: Yet another right-wing cult coming from Italy

From The Guardian
Berlusconi has tainted Italian politics for years to come
Why Beppe Grillo won in Italy: it wasn’t because of social media
We need a surreal fantasist like Beppe Grillo to rescue Italy, says Nobel-winning playwright Dario Fo (or “Dario Fo’s lost it”…)

From The New York Times
A Jester No More, Italy’s Gadfly of Politics Reflects a Movement
Why Italians Vote for Berlusconi

From The Economist
Send in the clowns
Pinocchio’s heirs 

Italy Calling – Back On The Block

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