No arrest will stop this new spring

“Criminal organisation”, they say. We say: autonomy, conflict, direct action. “Dismantled”, they define it. We laugh at their delusions. It’s stating the obvious that this operation is the result of yet another frameup, so we won’t waste words on it. We’re not surprised that many of the comrades subjected to raids and forced to weekly report at police stations were never involved in Spazio Liberato 400 Colpi. These are comrades with whom we’ve shared many a struggle; political friendships that we’ve always wanted to cultivate, beyond the typical geopolitical borders – networks that have been able of producing conflict and that have brought a breath of fresh air to a pacified Florence.

“Raids against the anarchists”, they say. We say: anti-insurrectionist operation against anyone who has decided to abandon the fetish of identity to build a real revolutionary perspective of today; against anyone who, nevermind their political inclinations, has been brave enough to create spaces of conflict within the urban environment, without carrying flags or dogmas but humbly confronting a reality that must be known to be subverted; against the whole movement that started emerging from the quicksands of student struggles and “civil protest” a couple of years ago with the Anomalous Wave – a diverse movement that refused to crystallise in one or another militant areas.

The media can keep portraying us as an isolated anarchistic sect if they want, but we know that out there, in the streets, in universities, in neighborhoods, there’s plenty of people who know and recognise us as comrades. Brothers and sisters with whom we have materially shared many, but not all, of the “crimes” we’re being accused of: occupations of school and universities, pickets, flash mobs and blockades. We’re certain these political friendships will be stronger than any police operation.

The unstoppable strike* advances, frightening the Party of Order, from the Home Office to the local Digos** officer. The student mobilisations have been more spicy than ever, with Piazza del Popolo on fire and many smaller actions and new networks. The need to expand and organise this movement is already on the agenda, in Florence like in other places – a difficult, ambitious and dangerous plan, for sure…but nothing will stop this new spring.

Published on Thursday 5 May on the Spazio Liberato 400 Colpi blog.

* Referring to the general strike of the 6th May which saw many initiatives all over Italy.
** The Digos (General Investigations and Special Operations Division) is a special police department charged with investigating cases relating to terrorism and organised crime. It is de facto a secret police. 
Translated by Italy Calling

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