From Tute Bianche to the Book Bloc (by Uniriot)

What thread links the political experience of Tute Bianche with the Book Blocs we have seen last autumn on the streets of Rome and London? What is the link between the alter-globalisation movement of Seattle and Genoa and the student and youth movements that are now setting Europe on fire?  These two movements belong to two very different historical and political moments: that one exploded in the peak time of the expansion of globalization, while the current one gives voice to a generational rebellion against the crisis and the policies of austerity launched by most European government. (Uniriot)

Some Italian students from Uniriot (‘Network of Rebellious Universities’) have recently taken part to an event in London in which they discussed the recent  Italian and European student struggles. Here’s what they had to say, as published on the Uniriot website: From Tute Bianche to the Book Bloc.

Book Blocs at students demo in London 2010

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