Let’s take back our future!


A university rebellion that for the last 10 days has completely stopped the country: faculties and train stations occupied, mass trespass into airports and monuments, streets invaded by thousands of students, the centres of Power besieged and broken into. Ormai siamo alla frutta*; the students and precarious workers respond by relaunching the conflict and singing “Let’s take back our future!”.

Here’s a short chronicle of the events:
23/11 First occupations and demonstrations against the Gelmini reform
24/11 The Senate put under siege, stations and airports occupied, conflicts with the police
25/11 Monuments occupied, riots in several cities
26/11 Demonstrations again, more occupations and direct actions
29/11 Actions, blocks and flash mobs in several cities, all faculties of La Sapienza University in Rome occupied
30/11 Riots, blocks and actions all over the place, in the day the reform gets approved by the Senate
1/12  More demonstrations
2-3/12 Police charges in Bologna and Naples, more actions and demonstrations

* Or, as some would say, the shit has hit the fan!

Found on Uniriot again, have I already mentioned it’s a brilliant site?!

Translated/written by Italy Calling.

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